It’s Okay to be different

“The highest result of education is tolerance” Helen Keller

“It’s Okay to be Different” by Todd Parr is a children’s book that celebrates diversity and teaches acceptance and understanding of differences. It encourages children to embrace and appreciate the things that make each person unique. It emphasizes the message that everyone deserves kindness, respect, and love regardless of their differences. This wonderful book promotes empathy, inclusion, and positive self-image, making it a valuable resource for children to learn about diversity and acceptance from an early age.

We often talk about the topic of tolerance in everyday school life. This year, together with D1 and D2 classes of the 6th primary school of Kozani and with D1 class of the Primary school of Charisios Megdanis in Kozani, we read the book “It’s okay to be different” and we got inspired. Following Todd Parr’s example, we created our book with students’ kind thoughts, thoughtful ideas and amazing drawings!

We also published the book in the eTwinning project of the same name, in which schools from Germany, France, Slovenia, Italy, Poland and Greece participated. A joint international book was also created within the project:

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